YOUNG CHAMBER MUSICIANS - “The best program out there!” Andrew Luchansky

YOUNG CHAMBER MUSICIANS - “The best program out there!” Andrew Luchansky


Young Chamber Musicians, founded and directed by violist Susan Bates offers advanced chamber music instruction and exciting performance opportunities to string players and pianists ages 14-20.  The program immerses students in the chamber music repertoire to develop technical skill, musical imagination, and the art of working with others.  Through its collaboration with Music at Kohl Mansion and Mercy High School, Burlingame, YCM has fostered learning through listening and performing since 2008.

The Program is based on the vision that the study of chamber music is key to the development of a performing musician, as participation in chamber music is a complete recipe for musical maturity. A young musician with chamber music experience is likely to be a confident player who is acquainted with the repertoire of differing style periods, eager to engage with fellow musicians, and interested in a variety of musical ideas. Particularly, for those who are technically mature at a young age, exposure to chamber music offers a portal to the understanding of music, culture and the art of working with others.
— Susan Bates, Director


Applicants must have previous chamber music experience (string quartet, piano trio, etc.) to apply.

No fee to apply to Young Chamber Musicians.

No accompanist needed for the live audition.

Live audition requirements: two movements from works of contrasting style/period, plus an excerpt from the chamber music literature assigned two weeks prior to your live audition. 

QUESTIONS? contact Susan Bates, Director at


Young Chamber Musicians makes its home on the campus of Mercy HS Burlingame in collaboration with Music at Kohl Mansion, a premier chamber music presenting series in California and Mercy High School, Burlingame. Coaching and rehearsal, and most public events – master classes, workshops, performances are held at the Mansion, 2750 Adeline Dr. Burlingame, Ca. 94010.



30 weeks, August - May (Coaching Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00pm)


Kohl Mansion 2750 Adeline Dr, Burlingame, CA 94010


Weekly:  approximately 90-120 minutes of coaching and group rehearsal

Public Master Classes and Workshops

1-2 per group, principally at Kohl Mansion. Master Classes: Sundays 5pm and by arrangement given by renowned chamber music artists as presented on the Music at Kohl Mansion series, and others by invitation. Workshops by arrangement with local artists.


3-4 per group in public master classes and student performances (December & May) with additional opportunities by arrangement

Concert Attendance  

Free tickets to selected chamber concerts at Music at Kohl Mansion, Sundays 7pm following YCM master classes.  "A Must!"


All YCM ensembles work toward participation in the Galante Prize Competition held annually in February, and others as agreed. 

Solo performance opportunities      

Periodically, YCM creates opportunities for its students to perform solo repertoire in special concerts or in conjunction with chamber concerts.

"Your Repertoire in History" periodic visits by musicologist, Kai Christiansen


Enrollment is limited to 6 ensembles each year.  An ensemble may be a string trio, quartet or quintet, with or without piano.  Previous chamber music experience required for admission. Scholarships are available as instrumentation is needed.

Young Chamber Musicians with the Miró Quartet

Young Chamber Musicians with the Miró Quartet