2018-2019 Ensembles

Congrats again to Susan and her team of [YCM] coaches. The sincerity and development in the art of consummate listening, exploring the musical sound bite with no boundaries from your instruments - with growing maturity and compassion  to reach your audience is a life long mission of collaboration ! Wishing you all continued joy !
Sujeevah Hapugalle, pianist

Arcturus Trio Kevin Yang, piano - Ajay Mallya, violin - Jacob Reed, cello

Aveline Piano Trio Sarah Yuan, piano - Sabrina Kim, violin - Sarah Chong, cello

Fervida Trio Karina Tseng, piano - Sean Mori, violin - Angeline Kiang, cello

Irida Piano Quartet Andrew Wang, piano - Julia Luyi Wang, violin - Emily Hwang, viola - Catherine Choi, cello

Onyx Rose Quartet Isaac Park, Sharon Yuan, violin - Sydney Whipple, viola - Davis You, cello

Stellata Quartet Arin Chang, Matthew Sakiyama, violin - Sofie Kanayama, viola - Grant Griffin, cello

2019 Galante Prize Winners

First Prize - Aveline Piano Trio | Second Prize - Arcturus Trio | Third Prize - Stellata Quartet

2019 Pasadena Conservatory of Music (PCM) Chamber Music Competition

Gold Medal - Fervida Trio

2019 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition (Junior Division)

Gold Medal - Fervida Trio

2018 YCM Celebrates 10 Years

lets cele5.jpg

Throughout 2018, YCM celebrated 10 years of introducing young musicians to the art of chamber music playing and uniting them with today's best professional performers.

2017-2018 Ensembles

Congratulations! The program last night was absolutely glorious, and you must be feeling very proud and happy this morning.  Developing seven chamber music groups to the level of musical performance that those talented young people demonstrated last night is a remarkable achievement, and the audience certainly appreciated it.  I was so impressed at both the individual talents of each musician, and the mature way they have collaborated to become a cohesive and effective trio or quartet.  These are skills that they will carry beyond whatever musical affiliations they continue into the broader spectrum of their lives. Plus, it’s clear they love what they’re doing, and are having a lot of fun.  I think the audience was ready to dance out of the library! 
— Nancy Jalonen, Past President, Music at Kohl Mansion

Neptune Quartet  Sabrina Kim, Jaime An, Joseph Wong, Sofie Kanayama

Trio Cantare Aaron Hsia, Kevin Yang, Abigail Leong

Trio Sonoro  Davis You, Cameron Akioka, Arin Chang

Fervida Trio  Karina Tseng, Angeline Kiang, Sean Mori

Lassata Quartet Ellie Kanayama, Vincent Lin, James Poe, Yoonsoo Cha

Lumos Quartet Isaac Park, Laura Kim, Theresa Lee, Emily Kam

Nebula String Trio  Emily Gao, Natalie Lin, Bella Fong

Galante Prize Winners 2018

First Prize - Fervida Trio  |  Second Prize - Trio Sonoro  |  Third Prize - Trio Cantare

2016-2017 Ensembles

Thanks so much for having me at YCM! I was so impressed by the quality of the Claudius Quartet; they have been incredibly well trained. You should be very proud!   
— Jodi Levitz, violist

Claudius Quartet  Andrew Lee, Ellie Kanayama, Rebecca Christainsen, Euan Shields

Trio Animato Jaime An, Cameron Akioka, Emily Gao

Amara Quartet Sean Mori, Sofie Kanayama, Kathleen Navas, Theresa Lee

Pinnacle Trio  Yoonsoo Cha, Vincent Lin, Michael Song

Trio Mariposa  Natalie Lin, Grace Huh, Leslie Jin

Cypress Piano Trio  Davis You, Karina Tseng, Aaron Hsia

Galante Prize Winners 2017   First Prize -  Claudius Quartet  |  Third Prize - Trio Animato

2015-2016 Ensembles

Congratulations to Young Chamber Musicians on a wonderful concert last night.  What a remarkable group of kids, and so encouraging to see them really getting what chamber music is all about.
— Paul Ehrlich, violist

Adeline Quartet  Hesoo Cha, Astrid Jensen, Patricia Tang, James Ahn

Everest Trio  Ellie Kanayama, Vincent Lin, Theresa Lee

Kalani Quartet  Robert Chien, Kathleen Navas, Yoonsoo Cha, Rachel Browleit

Sophos Trio  Andrew Lee, Hana Mizuta, Jeremy Tai

Trio Volare Jo Griffin, Cameron Akioka, Hannah Scarborough

Galante Prize Winners 2016  First Prize - Sophos Trio  |  Second Prize - Trio Volare

2014-2015 Ensembles

I still believe in what Young Chamber Musicians does.  Training the next generation of musicians is very important, and the personal connection is essential.  Part of that training is the “aural tradition” that books for “the web” cannot replace. 
— Harvey Lynch, YCM supporter

Sophos Trio Andrew Lee, Hana Mizuta, Jeremy Tai

Saratoga Quartet  Aku Sorensen, Jason Moon, Irene Jeong, Linus Lu

AYE Trio Heesoo Cha, Alex Chien, Elena Ariza

Galante Prize Winners 2015  AYE Trio

2013-2014 Ensembles                                                                              

“I’m sure you agree that the best musical education an instrumentalist can get is through chamber music, so the work you are doing so well I consider to be essential to your students’ growth and understanding of their art. ”
— David Finckel, cellist

Chiaroscuro Quartet  Isabella Costanza, William T. Copeland, Irene Jeong, Clara Chan

AYE Trio  Hye Young Lee, Alex Chien, Elena Ariza

TAL Trio  Taiga Murroka, James Ahn, Linus Lu

Wang-Tai-Lee Trio  Andrew Lee, Vivian Wang, Jeremy Tai

Galante Prize Winners 2014  Chiaroscuro Quartet

2012-2013 Ensembles

I was incredibly impressed with the Verbena Quintet and what they were able to act upon in such a short time. Totally terrific and lovely and gifted kids.
— Toby Appel, violist, The Juilliard School

Elara String Trio & Piano Quartet Lily Tsai, Hannah Kim, Vivian Wang, Nayeon Kim

Verbena Quintet Emily Liu, Freya Liu, Irene Jeong, Inga Liu, Clara Chan

2011-2012 Ensembles

Mandala Quartet  Ethan Tsai, Kathleen Chen, Minku Lee, Clara Chan

Elara Quartet  Christy Chen, Nayeon Kim, Lily Tsai, Stephanie Tsai, Mondavi Young Artists Competition, Second Prize

Borromeo String Quartet & the YCM Mendelssohn players Yujin Ariza, Ethan Tsai, Emily Liu, Jeremy Kwong

This evenings “event” with the Borromeo Quartet and Young Chamber Musicians was extraordinary. I was honored and truly thrilled, (on behalf of the ASQ), to be present to hear and see this inspiring performance and discussion. I know how very hard everyone worked to make this happen and I hope you all realize what a fantastic gift you gave to everyone present tonight.
— Fred Lifsitz, Alexander String Quartet

2010-2011 Ensembles

BartokQuartetJan11 002.jpg

The Bartok Quartet 

Alexi Kenney, Reina Murooka violin  

Allie Simpson viola  Stephanie Tsai cello

Bartok String Quartet No. 1  

Master Class  Miró Quartet


The Young Musicians Quartet

Tim Yu, Christy Chen, violin
Nayeon Kim, viola  Eunice Kim, cello

Dvorak Op. 96, Shostakovich #8

Master Classes  Daedalus Quartet, San Mateo Public Library




It is very encouraging for me to see young people taking an interest in classical music, but even more so to to realize that they are demonstrating what I perceive to be increasingly rare attributes: dedication, discipline and legitimate pride derived from genuine, difficult accomplishments. To their credit, I don’t see them flaunting that pride, but I hope that they feel it and are energized by it. YCM supporter

2009-2010  Ensembles

043_Octet 09 01 04 copy.jpg

Genius & Youth - The Mendelssohn Octet, Op. 20 (1832) 

A day-long exploration and performance of the Mendelssohn Octet led by guest coach Ian Swensen
Koret Auditorium, San Francisco Public Library

violin   Zenas Hsu, Alexi Kenney, Eunice Kim, Kenneth Renshaw (rotating) 
viola Allie Simpson, Christy Simpson
cello    Will Chow, Tessa Seymour



Celebrating Brahms

A Birthday Reading Session of the Brahms Op. 18 led by Angela Choong, violist Hausmann Quartet

Alexi Kenney, Lily Tsai, Stephanie Tsai, Eunice Kim, Angela Choong, Allie Simpson


2008-2009 Ensemble

Reading Sextets   Tchaikovsky & Brahms led by Susan Bates

Eunice Kim, Christy Lopez violin  Morgan O'Shaughnessy, Ivo Bolvik viola  
Jasmine Lau, Tessa Seymour cello



Past Guest Artists and Ensembles





The AFIARA Quartet,  ALEXANDER String Quartet, ALTIUS Quartet, AMELIA Piano Trio, ARIEL Quartet, BORROMEO String Quartet, CALIDORE String Quartet, CATALYST Quartet,  CAVANI String Quartet, CYPRESS String Quartet, DAEDALUS Quartet, ENSŌ Quartet, ESCHER String Quartet, HARLEM Quartet, HENSCHEL Quartett, HORSZKOWSKI Trio, ISRAELI CHAMBER PROJECT, JASPER String Quartet, The LEE Trio, LYSANDER Piano Trio, MIRÓ Quartet, MORGENSTERN Piano Trio, ST. PETERSBURG Piano Quartet,  TELEGRAPH Quartet, Trio CAVATINA, Trio con brio COPENHAGENYING Quartet.